Dometic Twin Eagles Eagle One 54

Twin Eagles Dometic

54 inch outdoor gas grill with rotisserie and sear zone

The Eagle One Super Premium Grill features exceptional design and exclusive features. It merges sleek style with straightforward details, resulting in all-around elegance. Every detail enhances your cooking experience. Chef-grade hexagonal grates produce ideal food to surface contact, while an LED above each burner knob lets you know as the burner reaches warm, hot, and searing temperatures.

Light It Up

The Eagle One Super Premium Grill was made to be seen. Its sleek appearance is rivaled only by its exceptional performance. Multiple LEDs ensure that you always know what the temperature is in every area. When you know exactly what’s happening in your grill, it’s easy to produce food that’s cooked to perfection every time.

Bring the Heat

The unique grilling system of the Eagle One Super Premium Grill usesdirect and radiant heat to ensure your grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures, distributes heat more evenly, offers complete control in each grilling zone, and uses less gas. Ceramic briquettes create channels for even heat distribution, while the ½” hexagonal grates conduct more heat to your food. The result? You can spend less time grilling and more time with your friends and family.

Live Fire Cooking

Extend the cooking potential of your gas grill with the accessory charcoal tray (available separately). Take advantage of easy gas burners to ignite while savoring the classic flavor of solid fuel. Conveniently managed in your Twin Eagles gas grill.


Twin Eagles grills are designed to exceed expectations in performance and aesthetics. Through a blend of brushed stainless steel and high polished accents, the Twin Eagles grill differentiates itself from other luxury grills. Purpose built and designed to make a statement, like a high-performance sports car or a fine watch.


All Twin Eagles grills are handcrafted in the USA at our California production facility by expert craftsmen and talented engineers blending the latest smart manufacturing technologies with decades of experience


Exact Control Illumination

Hidden Rotisserie System

TempTrack Illumination

25,000 BTU Burners

Chef Grade Hexagonal Grates

Infrared Rotisserie Burner
  • Always know just how hot the burner is with the exact control illumination
  • TempTrack illumination shares the overall grill temperature
  • Heavy duty 1/2″ diameter, stainless steel chef grade hexagonal grates to enhance heat retention, even cooking surface, and achieving perfect grill marks
  • Ambient illumination accentuates the premium stainless steel
  • Zone grills allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures simultaneously
  • Hot surface ignition is reliable when lighting your grill
  • High-quality ceramic briquettes distribute radiant heat quickly and evenly to the cooking surface

Dometic Twin Eagles Eagle One 54

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