Dometic Twin Eagles C Series 54

Twin Eagles Dometic

54 inch outdoor gas grill

This exceptional outdoor grill makes it simple to prepare a feast for your friends and family. Cook all of your meats and vegetables at once using the zone dividers, which allow you to regulate different temperatures. Preparing high-quality food is made easy by the thoughtfully curated features installed throughout the grill. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Perfection Every Time

Timing is everything when it comes to food preparation. The roomy interior and carefully curated features of the Twin Eagles Outdoor Grill make it easy to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about the process. By utilizing the grilling zones and warming rack, you’ll be able to serve every dish hot off the grill and perfectly cooked.

Grilling Made Easy

Every aspect of the Twin Eagles 54” Outdoor Grill was intentionally designed to elevate your grilling experience. The unique grilling system integrates direct and radiant heat to ensure your grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures, distrubtes heat more evenly, offers complete control in each grilling zone, and uses less gas. High-quality materials including cermaic briquettes and stainless steel grates enhance the function and aesthetic of your grill. Each control knob indicator glows indigo blueto allow for complete precision in your temperature setting. Keeping an eye on your food is made easy with the hood-activited light switch and hood assist system.

Focus on entertaining

Convenient, fully-featured, luxury grilling experience. The roomy interior and carefully curated features of the Dometic Twin Eagles C Series Grill make it easy to enjoy your company and the process. Helpful illumination, easy hood assist system, and highly polished accents bring grace to the grill. Convenient extra-large 3-position warming rack, internal halogen lighting and discreet grill light switch make grilling a breeze. Soon you will be serving your guests will perfectly prepared meals to enjoy together.

Perfect results

Every aspect of the Dometic Twin Eagles C Series C was intentionally designed to elevate your grilling experience. Benefitting from decades of gas engineering innovation, our proprietary 5-Part Grilling System integrates superior drafting, direct and radiant heat with convenient grilling zones and 3/8-inch hexagonal grates that retain heat while maximizing food to surface contact. The C Series Grill preheats faster, reaches higher temperatures, distributes heat more evenly, and offers complete control in each grilling zone.


  • High quality US-Made ceramic briquettes distribute radiant heat quickly and evenly to the cooking surface resulting in consistent grilling
  • Grilling zones make it easy to cook multiple foods at different temperatures or grill one or two items efficiently and effectively with only one burner operating
  • Hexagonal grates made of ⅜ inch stainless steel rods help food cook more evenly and result in deep, dark, restaurant-style sear marks
  • Grilling at night is simplified by the interior lights that illuminate with the hood-activated light switch
  • Built-in rotisserie system provides consistent and uniform rotation of your meat, resulting in an exceptionally savory flavor
  • Easy-to-open hood assist system makes it easy to open the lid even when juggling plates of food


25,000 BTU Burners

One Machine To Do It All

Hot Surface Ignition

Helpful Illumination

Hexagonal Grates

Convenient Rotisserie Rod Storage
  • 14 gauge 304 stainless steel burners with lifetime warranty
  • High quality ceramic briquettes
  • Hexagonal grates for more surface to food contact
  • Zone dividers to regulate different temperatures
  • Reliable hot surface ignition
  • Easy to open hood assist system
  • Interior lights with hood activated light switch for nighttime grilling
  • Decorative LED control panel lights
  • Multi-position and stow away warming rack
  • Large capacity smoker box



Dometic Twin Eagles C Series 54

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