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Once considered a possible luxury addition to a backyard, outdoor kitchens have become an essential part of many homes in Delray Beach, as well as the ideal place to gather.professional outdoor kitchen Delray Beach

The past 10 years have seen an explosion of outdoor kitchens and products that transform the backyard into a celebration pad, family get-together place or romantic venue. What brings people to an outdoor kitchen area? Great food, company, and drinks, and that’s the whole point of moving your kitchen outdoors.

In Florida, cooler weather causes your friends and family to flock to the outdoors, which means you might require an outdoor kitchen for fall weather hosting.

The inside kitchen has been considered to be the heart of a home and the same applies when you move the kitchen outdoors. It just might become the new heart of your home.  You can make the most of your outdoor area by investing in an outdoor kitchen area with just a few appliances or go further and include landscaping, awnings, patio pavers, fireplaces, refrigerators and more.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing outdoor kitchen or you want to build an entire backyard including a pool, landscaping and patio areas, Paradise Outdoor Kitchens can do it. There is no backyard outdoor kitchen installation too big or too small.

Planning the Outdoor Kitchen Area

We are experts at outdoor kitchen design. Designing a backyard kitchen involves conversations about your view, if any from the backyard, and discussions about your expectations for the space and how you plan on using it. For example, do you need to accommodate seating for 5 people or 30? We will also let you know what is possible given the size of the backyard and the possibility of bringing water and electricity or gas to the designated area.

We will also cover whether or not you want to create a full kitchen with storage cabinets, a sink, and appliances. Some people just want a grill, others want a full working kitchen outdoors. We will also help you choose the appropriate cooking equipment whether it’s a smoker, a pizza oven, a Kamado Joe premium grill or another brand of grill.

Outdoor Kitchen and Backyard OptionsKamado Grill Dealer Delray Beach

GrillsDelray Beach outdoor kitchen company

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens offers both charcoal and gas grills in a wide variety of sizes. We are the premier Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill Dealer in the Delray Beach and Palm Beach County areas. Kamado Joe Grills have a history going back thousands of years.

Some Kamado Joe Grills and Smokers are made of ceramic shells; some are made with all metal and other use a variety of stone-like materials. The Kamado Grills have excellent insulation, high efficiency and the ability to hold very high and very low temperatures making them the perfect option for both grilling and smoking.

The grill is typically the heart of an outdoor kitchen area. The key to flawlessly grilled food is instant caramelization. Caramelization seals in juices for tender, moist, providing the ultimate flavor in food.

We also offer a wide variety of state-of-the art gas grill brands including Alfresco, Coyote, Delta Heat, Fire Magic, Lynx, Twin Eagles, and Tec. All the brands we carry offer stainless-steel lids, cooking grates, are made to last for years, and offer the highest level of cooking performance and flexibility.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Even though it is Florida, just like in many favorite interior rooms, the outdoor fireplace is the main focal point of many outdoor living spaces. They are identical to the ones built inside, consisting of a firebox, chimney, flue and hearth. Stone, brick and stucco are popular materials to use for the outside of the fireplace.

The design of the fireplace can be in harmony with the style of your house actually giving the appearance of having the backyard be an extension of your home. The fireplace can be wood burning or contain gas logs, and a mantel can also be included to display plants, candles or any other decorative ornaments.

Custom Built Fire Pitsoutdoor fire pit contractor Delray Beach

A custom-built fire pit can be incorporated with your landscaping to blend seamlessly into your yard. Fire pits offer really nice areas to hang out in and offer the opportunity warm up when it does get cold in Delray Beach. Fire pits can be built in a variety of different shapes and be built with different materials including concrete, stone, brick and more.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchen fireplaces and fire pits are long lasting, custom designed and American made. We build quality fire pits for commercial and residential applications.

Pathways and Seating

For customers with larger yards to fill, we can discuss incorporating a few pathways to accompany the outdoor kitchen. Even if it’s just a simple stone walkway leading from the home to the outdoor area, having that leading line can help draw the eye to the space and keep guests from crushing the surrounding landscaping.

Some Things to Consider when Planning an Outdoor Kitchen:

We can help you Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Are you going to want hot and cold water? Make sure natural gas can be connected. Think function. To maximize space for cooking and entertaining, consider having areas for things like grills and pizza ovens, and smokers, dry areas for food prep and storage, wet areas sinks and areas for refrigerators and freezers. We as outdoor kitchen contractors can help you find the perfect place for the entire outdoor kitchen or plan your patio areas including seating, awnings and pavers.

Call us today for a customized proposal for your outdoor kitchen.