Outdoor Kitchens in Palm Beach Gardens have Many Benefits

An Outdoor Kitchen Increases the Value of your Homepalm beach gardens outdoor kitchen

Multiple sources including Zillow and Realtors report that depending where you live and the quality of the outdoor installation, having an outdoor kitchen can improve your sales price by 30%. They also report that over the past few years, outdoor improvements like landscape design and outdoor kitchens have had the highest impact on sales price.

In addition to that, other major online magazines like About.com and CNN Money report that outdoor kitchens in the US have a ROI of 100% to 200% of improvement costs. The ROI is proportional to the location and value of the home.

Expands Living Space

Many people do not take advantage of the space they have in their backyard. They choose furniture and special carpet and art for the indoors and fail to realize they have a canvas waiting to be painted right on their property, in the backyard.

There is an opportunity to when creating an outdoor living space to coordinate colors and provide an extension of your interior design into the outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor kitchens will typically include at the very least a large grill, come countertop space and cabinets.

An outdoor living space can be extended. By adding a smoker, a pizza oven, a bar, and extra cabinets to for extra storage space you can make entertaining more convenient. You can also add a Tiki Hut with a bartending area providing a place for your guest to socialize.

You can take it up a level by installing equipment like an icemaker, a dishwasher, a refrigerator and an outdoor sink. These installations will decrease trips to the interior of your home making entertaining more efficient.

Makes Cooking and Cleaning Easiergas-grills-gallery-juno

Some indoor kitchens do not offer enough space for multiple cooks while outdoor kitchens usually have enough space for multiple cooks, assistants and junior helpers.

With Paradise Outdoor Kitchens you can customize the layout to make sure your outdoor kitchen will provide enough space and convenience to accomplish your ideal outdoor space.   We offer a variety of custom plans including landscaping, pavers, both fixed and retractable awnings, Tiki Huts, pergolas, state-of-the-art appliances and more.

Great for Entertaining

Entertaining is just plain fun. You get praised for having the best BBQ Cookouts and outdoor parties in the family and you get to create memorable experiences for your family and friends.

People of all ages enjoy eating outdoors especially if the weather is cooperating. There is a need to be connected to nature and creating an outdoor kitchen area provides that for you and your guests.

Save Money on Electricity and Restaurantsbest outdoor Kitchen contractor Palm Beach Gardens

There is a reason why outdoor cooking is on the rise. More and more people are entertaining at home instead of heading to restaurants not just because they enjoy outdoor living but also because it saves money.

Restaurants are expensive and electricity is becoming more and more expensive as time goes by. You can set your thermostat to save money and head out the back door where the air is free and the food is delicious.

Improves the Taste of Food

Who doesn’t prefer a steak on a grill vs. a steak broiled in the oven? Everything just tastes better cooked on a grill, in a pizza oven, or smoked in a smoker. Everything from seafood to vegetables, to all meats, without a doubt, tastes 100 times better!

Getting to good tasting grilled or smoked food involves cooking methods, the chemical components of the food itself and preparation. Preparation methods including seasoning, marinating and injecting food have the ability to highlight the flavor of the food you eat and improve your culinary experience.

What Paradise Outdoor Kitchens Offers:

We provide the best in customized outdoor kitchen entertainment areas. If you can dream it, we can create it. We enjoy doing things differently and creating beauty and style that will last many years.

Outdoor Kitchen Products and Services:Palm Beach Gardens Outdoor Kitchen Contractors

Everything we do is custom. We are experienced, licensed and insured. Call Paradise Outdoor Kitchen for a custom design consultation today.