Why you need an Outdoor Kitchen in PBG

Outdoor Kitchens make you PopularPalm Beach Gardens outdoor kitchen contractor

Outdoor kitchens used to be reserved for higher-end custom homes. Now they are becoming more mainstream. This may be because outdoor living is an experience and most people consider the indoor kitchen as just another room in the house. Research indicates that the outdoor kitchen is all about fun and the indoor kitchen is more about functionality. Since most people want to have as much fun as possible, your outdoor living area may just be the most popular place in the neighborhood.

Outdoor Living is Healthy

Whether you are roasting asparagus or cooking a fine fillet on the grill, cooking on a grill is healthier than cooking in a pan or oven. When you cook on a grill, fat drips from the food instead of collecting in a pan. This helps to keep the foods you cook lean. If you are having trouble getting your children to eat vegetables, try cooking them on the grill. This may be the one thing that gets your child to start eating healthier meals. The high heat of a grill also helps food retain moisture and creates flavors both different and better from indoor kitchens.

Being connected to nature, breathing fresh air, and feeling the sun on your skin is so much healthier than staying indoors.

Increased Value of Home

It turns out that outdoor kitchens are a great investment because they have a good ROI especially when compared to other outdoor home improvements. When we build an outdoor kitchen for you, it is made with quality materials and components and will endure years of enjoyment. The components we use are designed to withstand the toughest Palm Beach Gardens weather.

Increased Value in Quality of LifePalm Beach Gardens outdoor kitchen builder

Nothing is more pleasing in a backyard than a complete outdoor kitchen. It is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well. You will take pride in your outdoor living area and your friends and family will be inviting themselves over.

Your kids and their friends will want to experience great food and company which will keep them closer to home. They will be content to sit around the custom fireplace or fire pit.

Outdoor Kitchen and Backyard Options

An Outdoor Kitchen Extends Home Living Space

When you build an outdoor kitchen area you will increase the living space you and your family can enjoy day after day.   You are not limited to just creating an outdoor kitchen. You can take advantage of your yard space and integrate your experiences with nature. With the right landscaping, furniture, and appliances, you can say goodbye to the indoors. You can create a patio, walkways, or a deck. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to design, landscaping, appliances, awnings and more. You also have lots of choices when it comes to lighting, shade, furniture and seating areas.

Many people want to extend the design of the interior of their homes into the backyard especially if your home has a specific color palate or architectural style.

By using the same or complementary style to your new outdoor living space you can make it feel like a true extension of your home. It’s not that difficult to find outdoor materials that complement the interior design of your home.

Save Money on Electricity and Restaurantspalm beach gardens outdoor kitchens

There is a reason why outdoor cooking is on the rise. More and more people are entertaining at home instead of heading to restaurants not just because they enjoy outdoor living but also because it saves money.

Restaurants are expensive and electricity is becoming more and more expensive as time goes by. You can set your thermostat to save money and head out the back door where the air is free and the food is delicious.

We can Help you Design the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Are you going to want hot and cold water? Make sure natural gas can be connected. Think function. To maximize space for cooking and entertaining, consider having areas for things like grills and pizza ovens, and smokers, dry areas for food prep and storage, wet areas sinks and areas for refrigerators and freezers. We as outdoor kitchen contractors can help you find the perfect place for the entire outdoor kitchen or your equipment, like grills or smokers.

Whether you are entertaining family, friends or business associates, the outdoor kitchen is where great memories are made. All holidays and special events like birthdays or anniversaries are more memorable when celebrated outdoors.  Call us today for a custom proposal.