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Outdoor Kitchens are an outstanding way to expand your home and give it more life, character and culture. If you are considering renovating your backyard that incorporates and outdoor kitchen, new landscaping, pool landscaping or more seating areas, Paradise Outdoor Kitchens is the leading choice in Boca Raton.

Here are some things to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen:

Outdoor Kitchen Use

Will you be using the outdoor kitchen for primarily for family gatherings or for entertaining friends and business acquaintances? Considering how many people you plan on entertaining outdoors at one time will help to define the space you will need and direct you, for example, as to how many seats will you need and how small or large of an outdoor kitchen area you will need.

Outdoor Appliances

Just like an indoor kitchen, you really can’t have an outdoor kitchen without appliances. Unlike an indoor kitchen however, you can have an open grill or two.Boca Raton outdoor kitchen company

When considering appliances that will remain outside or at the very least, outside but under cover, the Boca Raton weather will play a role in the decision making process. Stainless steel appliances are popular because they can take on the elements and are proven to be durable over time.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchen offers a wide variety of outdoor appliance installation to complete any size outdoor kitchen including grills, like Kamado Joe Ceramic Charcoal Grills, gas grills, and pizza ovens.

Preparation area and dining space are another consideration when designing an outdoor kitchen. Most people find it very beneficial to have counter tops, cabinets, and sinks for an outdoor kitchen installation because it is time consuming to run back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor kitchen. Including these extras will most likely improve the value of your home because it will essentially be a full second kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Once you have decided on the appliances you want and if you want a pizza oven, a smoker or a refrigerator, the next step is deciding what the best layout will be. Things to consider include where the food prep area will be located in relationship to the grill or pizza oven. Also, where will the seating area be and how many seats will you need? We can design a customized outdoor kitchen for you.

Florida Weather

Many people who enjoy outdoor living in Florida know they need to have things like fixed or retractable awnings to protect family and friends from the Florida sun. Some want a Tiki Hut retractable awnings installation Boca Ratonwith a bar or an area for outdoor dining that includes pavers and landscaping. A ceiling fan or fans is sometimes wanted in the Tiki Hut and we can do that too. Some want an outdoor kitchen located next to the pool area.

Paradise works with landscape designers and pool contractors to create a custom outdoor kitchen area to include what is already there and to possibly add to an already well-landscape backyard or pool area.

Some Other Things to Consider when Planning an Outdoor Kitchen:

Both outdoor fireplaces and fire pits make great places to gather for family or family and friends. Paradise Outdoor Kitchen fireplaces and fire pits are long lasting, custom designed and American made. We build quality fire pits for commercial and residential applications.

Pergolaspergola contractor Boca Raton

Nothing brings a backyard living space together like a custom made pergolas. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens completely custom makes pergolas to fit both your budget and your vision. Our pergolas are constructed with high-quality materials and the best craftsmanship in South Florida.

Tiki Huts

Tiki Huts are very popular for Boca Raton homes and businesses. Tiki Huts add a particular style to your backyard that makes you feel like you have been instantly transported to an island paradise. Tiki Huts also provide shade and protection from the hot Florida sun and can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor living area.

Paradise Outdoor Kitchens custom builds authentic Tiki Huts for homes and businesses. There are a variety of ways to custom design a Tiki Hut. For example, we can build a Tiki Hut over your entire outdoor kitchen area or integrate a bar into the Tiki Hut including bar seating. We can also add things like fans inside the ceiling of the Tiki Hut. Adding a custom built Tiki Hut to your backyard will most likely make you very popular.

The Premier Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill

We carry and install a wide variety of gas grills and charcoal grills including the Premier Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens is the Premier Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills dealer kamado Joe Grill distributor Boca Ratonin Boca Raton. Kamado Joe Grills claim a legacy going back thousands of years. Typically these are grills/smokers are made of ceramic shells, but at least one is all metal and others use a variety of stone like materials. This gives these charcoal grills excellent insulation, high efficiency, and the ability to hold very high and very low temperatures making them perfect for grilling and smoking. The Kamado Joe Grill is durable, has good support and quality components.

Gas Grills

We also carry and install a wide variety of top of the line gas grill brands including Alfresco, Coyote, Delta Heat, Fire Magic, Lynx, Tec, and Twin Eagles. Paradise Outdoor Kitchens can help you design an outdoor kitchen to include any brand of gas grill.

Outdoor Kitchen and Backyard Options

There are infinite opportunities to customize an outdoor kitchen and add value to your home and quality to your life.